Welcome to Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission

We are a Christian organization whose purpose is to show God’s love through example in an entirely practical manner by providing for the needs of the homeless, poor and sometimes dysfunctional people of our community.

We do that by sleeping anywhere between 2,000 to  2,300 people each month as well as serving from 7,000 to 7,500 meals each month.

We are entirely a Faith based non-profit operation, not only in spiritual matters, but in all areas concerning material support. That translates into the fact that presently we receive no state or federal monies for our operations. We are entirely dependent upon you, our private donors for support, whether that be individuals, churches or businesses.

Doctrinally we are entirely Biblical in our approach to matters of Faith; believing not only in God’s existence but in His Triune co-existence as Father, Son, and  Holy Spirit.

We teach the Deity, Virgin Birth, Death, Resurrection and soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We so appreciate your consideration for the work we do here in sheltering those who find themselves in adversity. Thank-you for your support, and may God continue to richly bless and meet every need that you may encounter.

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