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“An Influence This World Cannot Walk Back”

As many of you know, Kathy and I downsized a few years ago, not long after I became Director of the mission. We wanted a bigger life (in God) not a bigger house. We were turning 60 and Kathy claimed the Lord shared with her that 60 had more to do with being our suggested cruising speed than with aging. It was a “But God” moment for us.

Many folks our age were looking at retirement. We were looking to double down on taking back land for the Kingdom. There is a rest in God that has nothing to do with putting your feet up and has everything to do with the deep satisfaction of putting your energy and gifts into the work, especially at a time when the devils think you are about to become a lot less trouble. SURPRISE!

I have no advice to share about retirement planning. The scripture has much to share about wisdom and planning. Many reading this are years away from where Kathy and I were. My offering is this, there is a plan God has been making even before those first precious drops of blood stained the Cross. It was a plan to bring us all in. To share the promise and the power. To preach, teach and heal. To be His hands, feet and heart everywhere on Earth. Find your place at any age of life.

Many are busy, but God. Many are tired, but God. Many are broke, but God. Many are discouraged, but God. Many feel they missed the opportunity, but God. Many are old, but God. Many think they aren’t old enough, but God. If the love of God quoted in Ephesians is capable of turning death to life for an unbeliever imagine what can happen when life is heaped upon life for the believer!

Every moment of every day I see the results of men and women who pivot on the promises of God and who trade big sins for an even bigger grace. Men and women whose new-found belief has made them alive together with Christ. You are helping to make that reality.

“But God” is the sun at dawn, it is the hand that pulled Peter from the waves, it is the decision from a court that really does have the right to call itself Supreme. It is how we have all come to know this grace. It has become our story.

Every time you drop by with coffee, when you share your dinner with us, when you come and butter the bread, when you slip an encouraging word in between the chicken and the cheesecake, when you drop your support check in the mail, when you drop to your knees and pray over this ministry – you are releasing the power of God to bring lasting change. That is an influence this world cannot walk back.

Wherever you are today there are two words that have guaranteed your future and will keep guaranteeing yours and ours; two words that are a fountain of youth – “But God!”

May God bless you and take you to new places in His service.

Pastor John

 but God