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“Leading Many to Righteousness”

Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.” -Daniel 12:3

I miss the stars in the Alaskan Summer sky. Don’t get me wrong, I love that extra light after all the long winter months. Still, for a guy who grew up in the northeast, I have fond memories of lightening bugs and sparklers and street games until long after dark. It was fun. Stars are pretty special. I know this because the Bible shares that God named them all.

May I tell you that as the Director of the Mission I do a lot of stargazing? True. I believe Daniel knew what he was talking about and the words he penned are timely even now. Some areas of the galaxy are known as star nurseries and although we will never be represented on a NASA site, I consider the Mission just such a place. We are star midwives.

I see it when I interact with staff who used to be clients but have been born again into a knowledge that they are dearly loved of God and who are now giving back. I see it when former users of Mission services are now donors caring for and inspiring others. God is using us to brighten the expanse of Heaven and to populate His Kingdom sky one star at a time. He has called each soul by name and your support has helped us fling them up there. The scripture promises that in doing so our own stars burn hotter and forever.

In the months ahead, we will see projects we have worked on quietly for some time come to life. In a time when more are in need, God is making a way to extend His influence. It will always be about Christ because there is no other answer to the question of where our hope comes from and hope is the oxygen Anchorage needs.

We have recently graduated several people from our program. They are employed, involved in church families and sobriety groups and are not to be found in tents in the park or holding up signs at intersections. In our chapel the hands go up nightly to step into new life. In our night shelter the noise of the street is hushed. In our dining room the growling of hungry stomachs is drowned out by the sounds of dishes and conversation. In our clothing room people get a new look for a job interview. We are helping people to help themselves. Recovery is about responsibility.

Light begets light. We are excited for the future and we, as always, invite you to make that journey with us as we lead as many as will come to righteousness.

Pastor John