For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,
 I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,
 I was a stranger and you invited me in,

Matthew 25:35 (NIV)


Board of Trusties:  Tom Emberly(Acting President), Jean Lapp (Treasurer),
, Barbara Schmiedeskamp (Secretary),
Emeritus: Cliff Hodgins, Ed Shelton, Bob Collins    - Advisory Board: Paul Kelly

2823 E. Tudor Rd. Ü Anchorage, AK Ü 99507 Ü (907) 563-5603


Statement of Faith

Program Dorm Progress Report

The Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission is dedicated to demonstrating the love and power of God and to bringing people into a life-changing relationship with his son Jesus Christ. We are a nonprofit organization who receives NO municipal, state or federal funds. We are not a United Wayģ agency. Your financial support and In Kind donations make it possible for us to provide for the poor, needy and homeless in our community. We also administer educational and counseling programs in an attempt to foster opportunities for healing, growth, and employment for those in need.

Statement of Purpose

from the constitution and by-laws of the Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission Inc (revised Oct 14, 1996): 

 ∑    Article II, Purpose:  We are a Christian organization and our purpose is to show Godís love through example and in a practical manner by providing for the needs of the homeless, poor, needy and dysfunctional people in our community.  Our goal, is Rescue and Rehabilitation.  Our aim, is to return the people that come to use for help to being useful citizens in Society.


Guiding Principals for finding a new home for the Lordís Lovely Mission on the Move:

   Follow the Missionís stated corporate Purpose and remain non-profit, non-denominational and non-discriminatory.

   Make and follow a 100 year plan and adjust it periodically.

   Be a good neighbor.

   Work cooperatively with other homeless agencies.

   Avoid a fight for everyone.  Remain lowly, meek, long suffering and forebear others in love, no matter what.  Love people into cooperation.  Turn the other cheek but donít run the other way.  Submit and seek changes.

   Donít give up.  Expect a miracle.




PRAISE GOD-The Program Dorm is Open!
It has been a long and hard experience but the Program Dorm is open. Everything is clean and painted, new carpet, and an air handler system that was donated has been installed. This will provide both heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. Thanks to the donor for his gracious donation of this unit. We used the old furniture, beds and wardrobes that were donated back in 1998 when the dorm was first opened. They still have the Plaque's on them with the name of the donor on each set of furniture. We did have to buy new mattresses for each bed. The Dorm was opened  on March 6th, 2014 and the men occupying it had nothing but PRAISE GOD and THANKFULNESS TO THOSE OF YOU THAT DONATED to the Mission to allow this to happen.

There are other improvements that have been made to the Missions' building while we were waiting for an approval from the city and obtaining the necessary permits for the Program Dorm. These improvements including remodeling the bathroom in the women's dorm, painting everything in the dorm including the beds and installing new carpet. On the first floor, the public restrooms have been completely remodeled and are just like brand new, also they have brought up to code to meet handicap requirements.

Bro. Don

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